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Campaign (HD2&SS) 11001
Justice Memorial 11005
Realism 11013
(Deathmatch)-Josua 11017
TLC 11009
Objectives/Occupation 11021
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Morning. Have a lovely day :P

10 hours ago


11 hours ago

Having my coffee and cigarette at my window, feeding the early birds with some dry bread... Morning sun... :cool:

11 hours ago

Good Morning :D

12 hours ago


1 day ago 1
NL's Avatar NL

Oh yes! Installing all games I played before but could only run at lower settings :) Slowly getting to know the system and temperatures and adjust fan speed/noise accordingly.

1 day ago 1

So are you enjoying your new majestic PC?

1 day ago
NL's Avatar NL


1 day ago


1 day ago

Morning :sun:

1 day ago

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