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RpR gaming servers
name style IP address port
Campaign (H&D2 + SS) Coop 11001
Justice Memorial Coop 11005
Josua's Deathmatch Deathmatch 11009
Otto Memorial (Realism) Coop 11013
Private Play Any Style 11017
Organized Events 1 Any Style 11021
Organized Events 2 Any Style 11025
Objectives Objectives 11033
Occupation Occupation 11037
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How to Host H&D2 Servers on Windows in 2021


Ah, I did what I could :heart:

5 hours ago 1

Sorry to hear that. :(

5 hours ago 1

Lost a dear friend

5 hours ago

what happened?

5 hours ago

A sad day...

5 hours ago

So so.... you?

5 hours ago

Hi Damni. How are you?

5 hours ago

Good morning

5 hours ago

Morning! :tea:

5 hours ago

Meanwhile, Gina decides to run for the senate :banana:

16 hours ago 1

Great! That's what I'm making tomorrow morning :mm3: C'est la vie :mm6:

17 hours ago 1

Let's see those eggs :D

18 hours ago

Challenge Accepted

21 hours ago 1

Challenge for Jake: Make an egg based recipe :mm5:

22 hours ago

Indeed, these chickens are my mother's and they will eat anything and everything that comes within their enclosure.. They make the best eggs I've ever eaten, mind

22 hours ago 1

Hello!!! Nice chickens.
The other day I caught my neighbour's chickens eating his grapes

22 hours ago 1

Hello , here 31 °C again ,
so I keep on with my dance classes :banana:

23 hours ago 2

Good Morning Folks! :smoke:

23 hours ago 1


1 day ago

Good morning. Have a perfect week, gents :yes:

1 day ago 1


2 days ago

reftarting ferverf coz ferver manager didn't work :playing:

and changed configf

2 days ago 1

that's another legend

2 days ago

Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious

2 days ago 1

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