Sweet dreams :yes:

2 hours ago

I'm also a bit tired mysel. Just having a quick tour, posting something and going to sleep. :sleepy:

3 hours ago 1

Yes sure, i had to go to Lorient after the walk, it was not really scheduled but that's life :yes:

3 hours ago

Buonasera. Sleep is for wimps :sleepy:

3 hours ago 1

Good evening, Matro. Time to lie down for a bit. See you in the morning :yes:

3 hours ago

That was a long Django walk! :rofl: How was your day? ^^

3 hours ago

Good evening :mm1:

3 hours ago

Sure! I'll take a picture one of these days.

4 hours ago 1

Will we have the privilege to see it one day? ^^

4 hours ago

It really was. Stick found in a pile of spare pieces of wood. That kind of stuff you keep just in case, but rarely use :rofl:
And the "metal" ending is a perfume cap, as you brilliantly suggested :rofl:

4 hours ago 1

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