Nitey nite ^^

3 hours ago

Very happy to hear you again, Mihai :yes:

3 hours ago

Have fun Maquis. I'm too sleepy tonight :sleepy:

4 hours ago 1

I’m on justice for a few maps :D

4 hours ago 1

Great. I hope to see you on the servers from time to time. :rambo:

5 hours ago 1

@Damni well... yes and no. I don't have much time as I had in the old days, but maybe I could try to make a small effort once in 2 weeks to join two or three maps

5 hours ago 2

Did not promise anything yet, but joined TS so I can talk more with him

5 hours ago

are you?

5 hours ago

Thx @Damni ! I talked to Snowman this weekend and he asked me if i'm still up for some HD2

5 hours ago

Hello Maquis and Dayron!
How are you doing this evening?

5 hours ago

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