How's it going guys?

5 hours ago

Yes Jo, it happened when there's natural gas extraction.Thank you Nik, it seems that in my area there are no damages, fortunately. But earthquake has been felt from Rimini to Naples. My brother just told me that he felt too it as well. He woke up and he looked at the chandelier and it was swinging.Thanks for your support guys :gj:

11 hours ago

I just read the news about the earthquake in Italy. Hope you Italian lads here and your famillies and friends are well. Forza! :mm1:

12 hours ago
NL's Avatar NL

I am lucky there is no seismic activity in Holland. We do have some minor earthquakes in the north but that is because of the extraction of natural gas which makes the earth shift sometimes.

13 hours ago

However, the stronger shock was at 3.36am. The 2009 l'Aquila earthquake (309 dead) was at 3.32am. Just 4 minutes difference. In 2009 i woke up, I remember that night.

13 hours ago

Yeah Jo, unfortunately in the next hours there will be other strong shocks, experts say. We have lots of bad earthquakes but the worst one was in 1908: about 200.000 dead. It's the worst natural disaster in living memory of Europe, also because of following 12-meter tsunami. Several Russian, America, French and British battleships helped the population. Earthquakes are bad...

13 hours ago

Good that it wasn't such big earthquake like in Lisbon 1755.

13 hours ago
NL's Avatar NL

21 dead and hundreds missing ;( I'm afraid the death toll will be much higher...

13 hours ago 1

I hope all Italians here are ok, damned earthquakes.... :grumpy:

13 hours ago 1

Thank you Jo. I hope so...

16 hours ago

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