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Guidelines for Planning Your H&D2 Events :mm2:

Below you have the questions that will instruct you to better plan your events. Answering these questions, not literally copy + pasting them into your event thread, will help our friends understand what they are signing up to. Please take as an example the successful 2020 Otto & Justice Memorial event :mm1:

1. Is your event public or private?

2. What type of event are you planning to organize (Coop/ Deathmatch/ Objectives/ Occupation) and what are the desired settings?
(Once you have figured out what type of event you want to organize, think about the best settings you would like us to prepare)

3. Will this be a one-time-only, weekly gaming plan or occasional?

4. What is the date and time when you would like to organize this event/ play? (at least 1 week in advance so people can be informed)

5. How long(hours) do you plan your game to last?

6. Is this a tournament, challenge or other specific type of play?
examples for Coop: one-life only, knives only, desert maps only, organized team play, race games, British / American/ Russian /Resistance only type of game, team vs team best results in missions, your best result in a mission of the week/month, best team to complete a set of missions, Christmas event etc.
examples for Deathmatch: 1 vs 1 tournament with a 10 player signup required, free for all tournament etc.
examples for Objectives/ Occupation: best team of 3/5 maps with multiple rounds etc.

7. What are the missions that we are going to play? (a suggested missions list by the organizers or together with those interested in joining your event. Even a simple campaign only type of play for Coop or a friendly Deathmatch challenge)

8. How many players do you expect to join/ sign-up? (assuming there were some discussions before a decision was made to organize this)

9. Who is in charge for the organization of this event? (we need to know whom we can contact so we can successfully host your event. It needs to be someone that can attend to your event also. They will be given access to a in-game adminlogin password for the Special Event server where the event will be hosted.)

10. Is this a charity event or not? (to keep the server and forum up an running payment needs to be made. As the owners of our servers we will host these events occasionally, so everyone can contribute with whatever they have left under the couch)

11. Is this a H&D2 or another game event? (we are mostly focused on H&D2, but other games can be organized as well. Stay tuned)

12. Would your game event require a voice channel(Teamspeak / Discord) or is it at the discretion of its participants? (we might need to organize separate voice channels to be used by separate teams)

Custom artwork and some clear rules would be a good idea. Our forum will be used to publish event information and once everything is set the upcoming events section will be updated with content.

Use the Event Discussion under Organized Events section to publicly discuss event topics and when you are ready, you can create a new topic within Upcoming Events . Take your time, plan and prepare everything. Ask questions :beer:

Good things take time. We are here to help you :gj:

*=RpR= is only responsible for hosting your events and plays. We are not responsible for any monetary prizes in cases when the organizer(s) wishes to sponsor the event with cash.

"Straight and narrow is the path."
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