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VTM or `V.I.P. Team Match` is a H&D2 gameplay style invented by ~WCK~ around the year 2005. It is based on the Objectives style already present in the game, having removed all other objectives except one, the VIP.

You are either Defending your VIP or Trying to kill the opposing VIP. Only one team has the VIP at a time. Each map has been customly tailored to encourage teamplay. These maps are currently designed for 16 player servers, 8 player teams.


For the best gameplay experience please consider the following:

  • The team with VIP must protect the VIP at all cost. They can also win by elimination the opposing team
  • The team starting without a VIP must kill the opposing teams VIP. Once the VIP is dead, the round is over
  • You win or lose as a team. Work together using tactics and your imagination to complete the task
  • Players who cause problems will be banned
  • The VIP is not allowed in the water. He must be accessible at all times
  • Vehicles can be used as a barricade, but not to fully block access to an area, so that the opposing team cannot enter or kill the VIP. Doing so, will cause your team to forfeit the round
  • Only one Heavy Gunner and one Sniper per side
  • No heavy guns or snipers should be used when teams have less than 4 players per side
  • Bazooka is considered a heavy weapon, but the player is allowed to carry medium or light weapons
  • Only one Airstrike Radio per side
  • Making grass visible is encouraged for realism

Discussing Tactics

Attack system
A team: 4 men (2 buddy system)
B team: 4 men (2 buddy system)

Team A: 2 buddies take left outside, 2 buddies take left inside.
Team B does the same on the right side thus forming a line accross the map, somewhat covering the center

Members of one team should always be able to see each other so they can easily cover and help each other and to keep a coherent group. They communicate their position to the other team using the method of mentally dividing maps into quarter zones, zone 1 being your spawn point, and zone 4 the enemy's spawn point

Each Team would consist of a Medic (with Medium weapon/ submachine gun), 2 players with Medium weapons and a special (Heavygunner / Sniper, if applicable). If possible all team members should carry some ammo for the different weapons

Once the location of the VIP has been reached and both teams somewhat survived there can be a coordinated attack on the VIP from 2 flanks. Or one group drawing fire and one flanking. If the teams are decimated there should first be some regrouping/rearming

Defence system
Team A: 3 men (forward post, reporting enemy movement, slowing advance)
Team B: 3 men (defend the general VIP area)
Team C: 2 men (VIP + bodyguard)

The weapons for team A and B can be decided within the group or by a team leader. Team B could have a Medic that can be used by all, also maybe a Heavygunner/ Sniper. Team C should have machineguns for close quarter fighting

When defending we should use the retreat option more often. When we are being overwhelmed by the enemy (especially when the have more men left) we should retreat to the VIP location to defend him and to keep some firepower

Server Settings

  • sessionname VTM name
  • style objectives
  • roundlimit 10
  • roundcount 3
  • cooplives 0
  • warmup 25
  • respawntime 10
  • allowrespawn 0
  • friendlyfire 1
  • autoteambalance 0
  • 3rdpersonview 0
  • allowcrosshair 0
  • inversedamage 0
  • spawnprotection 0
  • fallingdmg 1
  • voicechat 0
  • autorestart 0
  • maxinactivity 0
  • maxping 0
  • adminpass
  • allowvehicles 1
  • password

Thank you to ~WCG~ for creating the VTM mod. Big thank you to NL for his patience to explain the details and bringing back this legendary gameplay.


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