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3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 4 weeks ago #1 by snowman
H&D2 Community Survey was created by snowman

A Timeless H&D2 Community Survey!

Time has come to take the H&D2 community to another level. You continue to support this one-of-a-kind game, therefore you deserve the highest reward: unprecedented organization, collaboration and timeless friendship. Your unique dedication has kept this community going forward, and the best is still to come. The wait is over :happy:

The purpose of this survey is to sell your data for our profit or at least use it against you when we get the chance :sarcy: :lol:

We appreciate your time and patience to consider answering a few simple questions. It is not an anonymous type of survey. Beyond the obvious intention to better understand the interests of all players, is the desire to bring similar folks together by regularly organizing awesome events and to easily communicate with them based on their interests.

1. How many years ago have you started playing H&D2 online?
[This year]
- possible answer

2. How often do you play H&D2?
[Every day] [Once a week] [Weekends] [Occasionally]

3. What game style(s) do you prefer the most?
[Coop] [Deathmatch] [Objectives] [Occupation]

4. What kind of communication platform are you using the most?
[Our Forum] [Discord] [Skype] [All] [Other]

5. Do you prefer joining a voice communication channel when you play with your friends?
[Yes] [No] [Occasionally]

6. Would you be interested in joining (private) events that require voice communication? (microphone `On` NOT required for everyone)
[Yes] [No]

7. Which one of these voice communication channels do you prefer for the future public/ private events?
[Discord] [Teamspeak] [Any] [Other]

8. Have you played any organized H&D2 games that require team collaboration? (Occ, Obj, Coop e.g. classics like TLC , Coop Marathon )
[Yes] [No]

9. How often have you joined any organized event/ team play?
[Once] [Multiple times] [Always] [Never]

10. How often would you like to join organized events based on your style of choice?
[Weekly] [Monthly] [Always] [Never]

11. Which kinds of events would you be interested in joining to play with your friends?
[Public] [Private] [Challenge] [Tournament] [All]

12. Would you like to help us with the organization of your preferred type events?
[Yes, when time permits] [No]

13. Would you like us to contact you personally, asking for an opinion or reminding you about an upcoming event?
[Yes] [No]

14. Would you be interested in playing other classic, very similar games to H&D2?
[Yes] [No]

15. What is your favorite weapon in H&D2?

16. What are your top 3 favorite missions in H&D2, H&D2 Sabre Squadron and other custom missions?

17. What is the bug/glitch that you find most funny in H&D2?

18. What is your favorite color?

19. We started as a small family, little H&D2 community, in 2007. Our family has continued to grow, bringing together the best of you. Would you like to join =RpR=?
[Yes] [No, I will stay as your friend] [I'm already a member] [I'm already engaged]

20. In which one(s) of the following offices would you like to participate?
[Communications] [Event Organization] [Engineering] [Entertainment] [Server Management - RpR Only] [None]

Basic Introduction to Our Offices

We also offer you the possibility to help us with organization and planning, not just to play this awesome game together. Everyone will soon get the chance to join one of the four offices that will be presented on our forum: Event Organization, Communications, Engineering (Modding) and Entertainment. RpR members will also have the chance to join the Server Management office. The content and discussions within these offices will remain private, thus only visible to the office staff.

Each office will have one office Chief and anyone can become part of the office staff. Depending on your time and interests, you can join one or more offices. The role, guidelines and tasks within each office have already been set, but everything can be fine tuned and tweaked. It all depends on you. Don't forget to wear a mask and keep your office windows open :D

Event Organization Office (EO) - you will work with a dedicated team of good friends, discussing and organizing future H&D2 events of all kinds. Artwork and posters would also be a feature of this office. You will collaborate with the Communications and Server Management offices to make sure your events are well hosted and those interested are well informed. Inspiration and motivation are the key.

Communications Office (C) - you will be the link between the different waves of communication. Discussions with most of our friends will be carried out frequently, asking questions, informing about events or even just keeping in touch with everyone. This office will also manage the different communication platforms. Your good character and tact are essential.

Engineering/Modding Office (EM) - this is the place where all H&D2 modders will unite and work together on common goals. It's discussions are hidden from the public eyes, except the brilliant results of hard work, sweat, blood and tears. Those who have little experience are also welcomed. Don't mistake the forest for the trees. Show off your skills!

Entertainment Office (E) - our troops love to have fun and relax from time to time. It's not cool getting killed on a tense one-life coop mission or losing a tournament. Keep everyone happy and smiling. Other topics, more general, informative or educational are very much needed. Imagination, knowledge and a great sense of humor are required.

Server Management (SM) - this is a RpR members-only office. Everything from setting up the a server for events, managing missions lists for our public and private servers to fixing server crashes, updating new missions and patrolling servers.

Thank you for your time and patience! :gj:

All the love :heart:

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3 years 1 month ago #2 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic H&D2 Community Survey
Here we go :yipi:

1. 10 years
2. Weekends
3. Coop, Objectives
4. All
5. Yes
6. Yes
7. Any
8. Yes
9. Multiple times
10. Weekly
11. Public, Private, Challenge
12. Yes
13. Yes
14. Yes
15. Thompson
16. Norway, Arctic 1 Extended, Libya 3 Jailbreak
17. Falling through the map :D
18. Blue
19. I'm already a member
20. Communications, Entertainment


"Straight and narrow is the path."
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3 years 1 month ago - 2 years 11 months ago #3 by Damni
Replied by Damni on topic H&D2 Community Survey
1. Since 2005 or 2006 Singleplayer. Multiplayer few years later.
2. Few times a week, mostly weekends.
3. Coop
4. Forum / Teamspeak
5. Occasionally
6. Yes
7. Teamspeak
8. Yes
9. Multiple times
10. Monthly
11. Public / Private
12. Yes
13. Yes
14. Depends on what games
15. Bren
16. Normandy2 Frontline / Czech6 Iron Swarm / Libya 3
17. That trick that some people do on Jeeps where the character gets all messed up
18. No preference
19. I don't know what I am
20. Server Management / Event Organization

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3 years 4 weeks ago - 3 years 4 weeks ago #4 by p.jakub88
Replied by p.jakub88 on topic H&D2 Community Survey

my answers below:

Ad. 1 This year

Ad. 2 Few days a week (mostly weekend)

Ad. 3 Coop

Ad. 4 =RPR= Clan forum

Ad. 5 No

Ad. 6 No

Ad. 7 Discord

Ad. 8 Yes

Ad. 9 Multiple times (including recent Justice event on 01/11)

Ad. 10 As often as possible

Ad. 11 Public

Ad. 12 No, i don't have much free time

Ad. 13 Yes. Snowman did that once and i appreciate that.

Ad. 14 Yes - like H&D Deluxe

Ad. 15 Lee Enfield sniper rifle

Ad. 16 Normandy 2, Burgundy 2, Libya 1

Ad. 17 Unrealistic tanks resistance to damage (although i find it rather annoying)

Ad. 18 Green

Ad. 19 Probably Yes - depends on how many duties i would have as a clan member

Ad. 20 Engineering/Modding Office (EM)

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3 years 4 weeks ago #5 by Maquisard
Replied by Maquisard on topic H&D2 Community Survey
H&D2 Community Survey

Hello everyone, here are my answers :

1 - Multi since 2008
2 - 3 or 4 times a week maybe ,and the week end
3 - Coop
4 - Forum , sometime ts
5 - Occasionally
6 - Yes
7 - Ts
8 - Yes
9 - Multiple times
10 - Weekly if i can
11 - Public/Private
12 - Yes, when time permits
13 - Yes
14 - Yes (IGI 2,Ghost Recon for example)
15 - De Lisle or M1 Carabin
16 - Libya 3,Brest Extended,Sicily2
17 - When you crawl and feel yourself rising to the sky
18 - Purple
19 - I'm already a member
20 - SM/E
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3 years 4 weeks ago #6 by Rickystar25
Replied by Rickystar25 on topic H&D2 Community Survey
1. 9 years
2. sometimes every day, sometimes once in an eternity :leave:
3. occ, coop
4. discord sounds good if you stop forgetting your password :grumpy:
5. occasionally
6. yeah
7. discord
8. yes
9. multiple times
10. monthly
11. all
12. always
13. yeah man, i dont even remember what i ate last night
14. maybe
15. a sniper rifle :rambo:
16. alps1, czechia3, poland, great battle, africa, sicily2
17. when I kill every enemy without losing a single life, that’s a very funny bug for me :mm2:
18. blue, black, purple
19. wdym, im not engaged with my gf yet :whip:
20. in a very serious one

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