If you feel unjustly banned from our server login / register please and post a unban request on forums.
Thanks RpR

Rules that you need to follow on our servers

As players, admins will give you warnings, kick you or even ban you if:

    You are disrespectful to other players when you are:
  • Insulting other players.
  • Teamkilling and revenge Teamkilling (report team killers on the forum).
  • Using nicknames which are referring to war criminals (show some good taste).

  • You are disrespectful to the gameplay when you are:
  • Cheating or exploiting various game bugs.
  • Glitching  (example).
  • Injuring team members / NPC's (non-player characters).
  • Using special characters on our public servers is forbidden.
  • Spam - also keep in mind the game is not a chat box  (example).

Additional rules for admins

  • Keep it friendly
  • Only load next map if everyone agrees with it.
  • Don't change standard settings like respawntime, cooplives etc. If necessary, please reset the settings and inform other admins about it..
  • Kicking is encouraged after warnings that are not responded to.
  • Banning is encouraged after several kicks and if player's behaviour has not been corrected.
  • Usually no permanent bans, but increment 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks.
  • Report every banned player with description of misbehavior and provided proof.

Things to keep in mind while playing on our servers

  • Pings are allowed up to 200 ~ If your ping is beyond 200 then fix your connection or else the server will be slow for others too. Admins are forced to kick you if you slow down everyone's game.
  • On realism server you have 1 life per map, reconnecting is forbidden, wait for the map to finish, spectate or leave. Admins are forced to kick you if you keep reconnecting and violating 1 life rule.
  • Spoken and written language is English for better communication and to encourage cooperation between players.
  • Do not start a vote for nextmap or restart of the current map without asking other players if they agree ~ Admins are forced to take action against unfriendly behavior.
  • Respect admins and their decisions ~ leave the server if you don't agree with admin's decision or make a forum post if you think the admin is abusing granted powers.
  • When you are dead, if you do not spectate, do NOT stay on server (you may block the server for other players) ~ after 1-2 maps of inactivity, you can get kicked.
  • A simple Hello after joining the server is always welcome. We all are a small family.
  • Play as a team! If you can find someone to play with, play together. It's better than playing by yourself.


Have an awesome new week! :papa:

8 hours ago

Halluuu :love:

3 days ago

We won the cup :cowboy:

4 days ago

Server Manager crashed. Just restarted!

5 days ago

Good morning! Have a beautiful new week everyone :cool:

1 week ago

Week 4 missions list on Justice!

1 week ago

Hey Maki. Wish you a blessed Sunday too :heart:

1 week ago

Hello Soldiers:frsas: have a great sunday ,sée you soon :love:

1 week ago

Happy Saturday! :sun:

1 week ago

Halluuuuu :mm4:

1 week ago

Just checked and it was crashed. Restarted! Thanks for the notice :gj:

1 week ago

Hi :) server off :/

1 week ago

Halluuuuu :raining:

1 week ago

Good morning :love:

1 week ago

Good evening! Hope you all had a perfect start of week! :sun:

1 week ago

Hey Maki. Hope you're having a lot of fun over there :thug:

2 weeks ago

Good morning all :cool:
Have a nice day, come black in one month :love:

2 weeks ago

Week 3 missions list config on Justice! Happy weekend, everyone! :cool:

2 weeks ago

New maps on our test server now :D

2 weeks ago

Having problems finding one of the missions there. Sent you an email, Ted :readme:

2 weeks ago

Roger! I will have a look and add them to our server when I get time.

2 weeks ago

hi, both were released on Discord, New Missions by me afair. Co_Sicily1_Day seems to be in Github CMP

2 weeks ago 1

Server manager restarted!

2 weeks ago

Stiff, the server manager crashed! Restarting when there are no active players

Ted, are the names actual missions or maps set to be missions? Sorry, I haven't checked yet.

2 weeks ago

Maybe Normandy2C and Sicily1_Day could be on New Missions? Just my imagination, running away with me...

2 weeks ago

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