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1 Slibard de boche Bad attitude
2 mamamia Bad attitude and teamkilling
3 Doctor Teamkilling
4 medic Teamkilling
5 [l.2.P]Cwirek Glitching
6 901 Teamkilling
7 aaaa19871111 Unbanned
8 swinm_god of k98 Bad attitude
9 TT Bad attitude
10 Gaza Bad attitude
11 supergamer1000 Disobeying rules
12 LEONIDAS -=[NL]=- Bad attitude
13 LEONIDAS son -=[NL]=- Disobeying rules


Good Morning all :D
The D Day is coming soon :smurfs:

3 hours ago

Good evening, Kris. Nite, Wanger :yes:

7 hours ago

good night

7 hours ago

Sweet dreams everyone :sleepy:

7 hours ago

Can you still get in touch with them? :whistle: :love:

7 hours ago

and of course stevespoint haha, we were big drinking buddies, but he was a nightmare :rofl:

9 hours ago

HI Snowman...Yeah im still in contact with The Edge Simbu, and most of the -=[VoD]=- guys, and some guys that never ventured further than africa 1 deathmatch:)

9 hours ago 1

Good evening, Marek! Good day, Jake :cool:

10 hours ago

Ian, do you still have contact with your H&D2 friends? ^^

10 hours ago

Thanks. I remember seeing that video before :)

11 hours ago

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