Hello ,cool today :cool:

4 hours ago

Yooooo :rofl:

5 hours ago


5 hours ago

Gooood morning :D

6 hours ago

Eating it.... :D
Yea, joining TS now.

16 hours ago 1

Anyone else joining tonight? Feld, Nib and Shay already said they can't join. Waiting for Max, Mihai, DJ, Damni, Stefan, Nik and Mimile :)

16 hours ago

If I leave at some point, it's because of the thunderstorm :parley:

16 hours ago

I never tried those :(

17 hours ago

Traditional ragu bolognese is best for hot summer :) I cooking it for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. And everytime almost whole bottle of good red wine goes in.

17 hours ago 1

Are you tired of eating it or looking at it? :)

19 hours ago

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