Fine then , i was worried :rofl:

5 hours ago

Well, thanks guys. Actually, this doctor i chose is a good one with a well established reputation here. He had already treated me urgently some time ago, when others had simply refused to take care of me because I did not have an appointment. He's fine, he does the job that has to be done and use the products that have to be used, so i'm confident enough. :mm1:

5 hours ago

Good luck , and don't abuse too much anesthesia ;)

5 hours ago
NL's Avatar NL

always nasty to have such dental work, I hope they use good painkilling in France, good luck Nik!

5 hours ago

This morning, 9:00 a.m., at the dental surgeon office :

- Doctor : Good morning Nik, how'd you feel ?

- Nik : Pretty fine, Doc, i'm not stressed at all, hu hu hu :mm3: :parley:

- Doctor : Easy, we're not going to provide heavy care today, it's just a preliminary cleaning, preparation of the operating field and establishing the schedule with my assistant here.

- Assistant : Well Nik, given the actual stuff about your teeth, i established the first five dates for incoming weeks, here they are on this card.

- Nik : Well, thank you. And then after these five dates ?

- Assistant : Then we'll see for the second part... Have a nice day. :mm1:

5 hours ago

Good Morning ,RIP Jake :grumpy:

7 hours ago 3

Good moin' :cool:

8 hours ago

Good night Feld & Jo :nik:

16 hours ago 1
NL's Avatar NL

yeah Im off too soon, good night

16 hours ago

Time going to sleep, good night :sleepy:

16 hours ago

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