Good morning

4 hours ago

the weather here is so cold but there is no rain

12 hours ago

It was already snowing here but with rain :snow: :cloud:

12 hours ago

winter is coming

12 hours ago

Have fun, Nik :rofl:

12 hours ago

Good evening here :mm1: Weather forecast for tomorrow : Rain and wind blast, force 7 Beaufort, with a peak at 110 km/h on Groix island. Winter comes... :mm3:

13 hours ago

Still remember that one F5 to Braun Strowman... 1..2..3.. after one F5...that was trash lol

17 hours ago

to win you need to spend one f5 on the opponent - (с) Brock Lesnar :sarcy:

17 hours ago 1

Hell yeah it was a good match :nik: Can't wait for Clash of Champions :movies:

17 hours ago

Hi all)

Shay.:) Brock vs AJ Styles good match?)

17 hours ago 1

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