I have years of experience, actually, but very little practice ;(

4 hours ago 1

and years of experience

4 hours ago 1

You need a laboratorio to make them close to perfectly equal looking. I was told that by a professional :hunter:

4 hours ago

Don't worry, my croissants aren't the same size either :mm1: It's hand made, so every noodle is unique :yes:

4 hours ago 1

Same when I made dumplings. You couldn't find two looking the same :rofl:

4 hours ago

My problem with making pasta/noodles is I can't cut them all the same size :mad:

4 hours ago

Whatever is faster... she's busy.

4 hours ago 1

Yeah, I notice it when my mom's dough doesn't turn out the same. I ask her why, she says she doesn't know, then I pay attention and see she has no technique or doesn't understand what she's doing.

4 hours ago

Interesting technique, isn't it?

5 hours ago

:thonk: Yeah, I noticed how there's not so much mixing in the noodles either. He creates the texture by the way the dough is stretched

5 hours ago 1

They might come out a bit chewy

5 hours ago

I wonder if I can make croissant dough like that :toothless:

6 hours ago

Hong Kong :love:

6 hours ago 1

Chicken soup :mm4:

7 hours ago 1

Vegetables soup?

7 hours ago

Ah... my mom makes these for soup :mm6: Thank you :love:

7 hours ago

Then cook however you like.

7 hours ago 1

1egg, 1/2tsp of salt, flour (egg weight * 2)g
Make dough. Rest 20/30mins.
Bash it for few minutes with rolling pin. Rest again for 20/30 mins.
Flatten. Fold and cut the size you like.

7 hours ago 1

Okay, darling! I need a recipe :D

7 hours ago

Bored!!!!!!! I'm making egg noodles (housewife mode) :D

7 hours ago


8 hours ago

Or from here :mm1: It's in the SM office, the Updates thread.

9 hours ago

Latest RSC missing from Google drive tools folder?

9 hours ago


10 hours ago 1

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