Have an awesome new week! :papa:

7 hours ago

Halluuu :love:

3 days ago

We won the cup :cowboy:

4 days ago

Server Manager crashed. Just restarted!

5 days ago

Good morning! Have a beautiful new week everyone :cool:

1 week ago

Week 4 missions list on Justice!

1 week ago

Hey Maki. Wish you a blessed Sunday too :heart:

1 week ago

Hello Soldiers:frsas: have a great sunday ,sée you soon :love:

1 week ago

Happy Saturday! :sun:

1 week ago

Halluuuuu :mm4:

1 week ago

Just checked and it was crashed. Restarted! Thanks for the notice :gj:

1 week ago
43's Avatar 43

Hi :) server off :/

1 week ago

Halluuuuu :raining:

1 week ago

Good morning :love:

1 week ago

Good evening! Hope you all had a perfect start of week! :sun:

1 week ago

Hey Maki. Hope you're having a lot of fun over there :thug:

2 weeks ago

Good morning all :cool:
Have a nice day, come black in one month :love:

2 weeks ago

Week 3 missions list config on Justice! Happy weekend, everyone! :cool:

2 weeks ago

New maps on our test server now :D

2 weeks ago

Having problems finding one of the missions there. Sent you an email, Ted :readme:

2 weeks ago

Roger! I will have a look and add them to our server when I get time.

2 weeks ago

hi, both were released on Discord, New Missions by me afair. Co_Sicily1_Day seems to be in Github CMP

2 weeks ago 1

Server manager restarted!

2 weeks ago

Stiff, the server manager crashed! Restarting when there are no active players

Ted, are the names actual missions or maps set to be missions? Sorry, I haven't checked yet.

2 weeks ago

Maybe Normandy2C and Sicily1_Day could be on New Missions? Just my imagination, running away with me...

2 weeks ago

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