Those SAS drivers wearing black berets who come to pick us at the end of Jailbreak are well named, Steff. :gj:

3 hours ago

I manage to kill ally tank with granade:gasp:

12 hours ago 1

Good morning:gj:

15 hours ago

Good morning. Sorry to see those beautiful trees burn.

19 hours ago

Morning :mad: Sun and strong wind: fires , and more ;(

20 hours ago

Raining here :love: Have a happy day, Dani :bah:

1 day ago 1
NL's Avatar NL

Hi Dani :love:

1 day ago

Good afternoon everyone :cool:

1 day ago
NL's Avatar NL

Playing Battlefield 1, surprised my system runs it well on medium settings with circa 45 fps.

1 day ago 1

Good Morning boys :D

1 day ago

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