I would get one on my ass :rofl:

3 hours ago
NL's Avatar NL

You should get a large HD2 logo on your back.. :hunter:

3 hours ago

Arf! I want a special one since years but i guess i'll make it with a woman tatooer.., :whistle:

4 hours ago

Okay. Are you going to get a tattoo in exchange? :D

4 hours ago

At least, i guess my TS3 works well :mm1:

4 hours ago

The .7z CMP 1.8 archive on Onedrive didn't work properly. I'm going to make it in my old school way :mm3:About Vincent, it's planned we meet this week in order to install the gaming stuff on his computer. I'm not sure if he'll have time because he's a bit busy these days with his tatoo stuff :mm3:

4 hours ago

It was just extract and copy + paste for me. We waited for you and your friend Sunday :)

4 hours ago

Well, i tried yesterday night to install CMP v1.8 but i got problems with it (something wrong with directory i guess). Going to install it manually this afternoon :mm1:

4 hours ago

Bonjour NIK :D Is anyone playing a couple of missions with me tonight?

4 hours ago

Hello folks :mm1:

4 hours ago

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