Hey Snow :)

2 hours ago

Hi Jacob :cool:

3 hours ago

Hey Jo :love:

3 hours ago

Easy session to the dental surgeon this morning. As usual, cleanness, precision and efficiency. This Doc really masters his art. Special mention also to the dental technician, whose piece of metal fits perfect with my jaw. Fine work. :gj:

14 hours ago

Have fun :D

16 hours ago

Hello folks :mm1: Today's schedule : Dental surgeon session, sorting some personal and administrative papers and remounting the PS3. Not a bad plan for a rainy day. :rain:

16 hours ago

Goood morning :sun:

17 hours ago

Good Morning :cool:

18 hours ago

In Romania, you make 240km in 8 days, by train. If you were looking to move to a primitive country, you didn't have to look so far :D

1 day ago

I shall put other online photos if you want :cool:.
It is a big country, I stayed only in the north, but the roads are difficult I made 240 km in 8 hours! thankfully it's the dry season at the moment. But it's so beautiful that you do not feel the pain you have in the buttocks !:rofl:

1 day ago 3

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