We're a friendly clan, at least WE think so! Emoticon with glasses

=RpR= is playing Hidden & Dangerous 2 CO-OPeration gamestyle. Teamplay and Fun are in the foreground, so there's no place for lone wolfs who want to do the job alone or score best. If you love H&D 2 like we do and you like to be part of our small family, simple play with us and in a little while we decide if you can join us or not. Don't call us, we call you. Applications of people we don't know before are getting rejected.

Maybe you see our tag in other games as well soon. So be prepared..

=RpR= Royal Para Regiment founded in 2007 by Bill alias Spar†acuS.

Hidden &  Dangerous 2 Logo

We're coming from different places all around the world. Actually from Great Britain, Spain, Romania, Czech Repuplic, Poland, Chile, Hungary, Germany,United States, Egypt, Australia, Mongolia, Sweden and Croatia. :yes:

Be a part of us and join us right now! No skill, no obligations, just fun!


Our offical clan logo designed by -JCKET- =RpR= Logo

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Good morning. You too, Pat :sun: :thug:

11 hours ago

Hello ,have a nice week-end :D

13 hours ago

Nitey nite :)

20 hours ago

Don't worry, Feld ^^ It's been the same with me lately, but I will start playing tomorrow :bah:

21 hours ago

Hey... I wish, that I will finally find some time to play with you...But I have hard days at work and I'm always too tired to play, especially team play games, when you need to listen other people... I know that's fun, when we're playing H&D2 but... I'm really not enjoying it, when I'm tired... Sorry for my absence... again... :no:

22 hours ago 1

Back :movies:

22 hours ago

Good Job Snow :gj:

1 day ago

Hi Jo and Pat :love: Final Windows 7 installation happens tonight. See you later...

1 day ago

I've just found a way to rearm windows keys forever so there's no reason to activate. No software or cracks needed, just mess around with SoftwareProtection by turning it off, copying some files to desktop, turn it on, copy the files back in the original location and typing your key again. It's annoying to keep track of the expire period, but it seems to work :)

1 day ago 1


1 day ago

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