=RpR= Uniform

The Official =RpR= Uniform!

Thank you to Jacobston for your wonderful gift to the =RpR= family. We will wear it proudly and always remember you! Thank you to Wanger who helped fix the missing texture. The uniform replaces the British Battledress with summer. As soon as we can add new items, characters and weapons to the game, this too will become a standalone item in the uniform list. Download and extract into your main H&D2 folder.


Nib asked when are we playing coop again :mm3:

7 minutes ago

I'm working with the concert party.
Setting up a new drill training plan for those units that disappointed me yesterday.

1 hour ago 1

Beeeheeeeeee! :mm4:

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

Good morning :sun:

2 hours ago

Thank you, Juan :love:

12 hours ago

Even the dictionary got it wrong.

14 hours ago 1

They misspelled artillery :rofl:

15 hours ago 1

Thanks guys :D

I wasn't happy about some units performance. They'll be receiving a strong worded e-mail by monday.

20 hours ago 2

Hey guys 23º and it looks like showers are coming. :raining:

Have a beautiful weekend. :celebrate:

Damni happy day from Italy :champagne:

21 hours ago 2

You mean inspecting the parade? "Shut up!!!":rofl:

23 hours ago 1

Checking the parade in Rome

23 hours ago


1 day ago

Happy Italy Day! :celebrate:

1 day ago


1 day ago

23º here also. Only a thunderstorm/rain in the past 7 days, this Tuesday. The rest passed by.

1 day ago 2

Hi guys, 23º here :sun: and the town festivities begin, a week of fair :banana:

1 day ago 1

Hello!!!!!! :D
Yea online players.

2 days ago

Goood morning ^^ You mean online players, Damni?

2 days ago

Played some Awesomenauts (can't believe there are still people playing that game) :playing:

Gooooooooooood night :sleepy:

2 days ago 2

No problemo!

2 days ago 1

Thank you, Damni :)

2 days ago


2 days ago 1

Let me check....:playing:

2 days ago 1

Why the servers dont work ? Always something :mad:

2 days ago

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