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1. How many years ago have you started playing H&D2 online?
In 2006, then I kept playing it occasionally. Never really went multiplayer, but it’d be fun.

2. How often do you play H&D2?
Occasionally. Sometimes I play the whole campaign once or twice then I don’t touch it for months.

3. What game style(s) do you prefer the most?
Deathmatch, but Coop seems fun.

4. What kind of communication platform are you using the most?

5. Do you prefer joining a voice communication channel when you play with your friends?

6. Would you be interested in joining (private) events that require voice communication? (microphone `On` NOT required for everyone)

7. Which one of these voice communication channels do you prefer for the future public/ private events?
Discord, but I am ready to use Teamspeak if necessary.

8. Have you played any organized H&D2 games that require team collaboration? (Occ, Obj, Coop e.g. classics like TLC , Coop Marathon )

9. How often have you joined any organized event/ team play?

10. How often would you like to join organized events based on your style of choice?
Weekly, like on the weekends.

11. Which kinds of events would you be interested in joining to play with your friends?

12. Would you like to help us with the organization of your preferred type events?
Yes, when time allows me to do so.

13. Would you like us to contact you personally, asking for an opinion or reminding you about an upcoming event?
Yeah, it wouldn't be a bad idea.

14. Would you be interested in playing other classic, very similar games to H&D2?

15. What is your favorite weapon in H&D2?
MP 40. Easy to find ammo, reliable and with 32 bullets in a round. Nice.

16. What are your top 3 favorite missions in H&D2, H&D2 Sabre Squadron and other custom missions?
Spaghetti Airport, The oasis and the very first mission. Those are like classics to me.

17. What is the bug/glitch that you find most funny in H&D2?
There’s a reason I always bring with me dear old Czakovski. For some reason he’s the one that always causes problems, like running on walls, rushing and shooting through walls like it was nothing. I think he’s secretly a god in disguise.

18. What is your favorite color?

19. We started as a small family, little H&D2 community, in 2007. Our family has continued to grow, bringing together the best of you. Would you like to join =RpR=?
Yes, even though I might be like a ghost member: always watching and never speaking. I will appear out of nowhere with random knowledge and weapons, then disappear until the next event.

20. In which one(s) of the following offices would you like to participate?
Entertainment, maybe even Event Organization. I’m not experienced enough, but I’d like to make a few maps/mods in the future, or maybe some funny videos. 

And remember, I love you all.
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