Sqdn. Ldr. Ted Striker's Avatar Sqdn. Ldr. Ted Striker

hair style and avatar until further notice,
hope I can join the upcoming event;)

1 hour ago
Odysseus's Avatar Odysseus


2 hours ago

penelope here on sabrefin website
click here

4 hours ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

I only know about the Coop Map Package that contains it. Maybe Wanger can help you find the map archive itself.

5 hours ago

Hello. Where can dowload Burma kingslayer

6 hours ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

See you guys on Justice in 2 hours.

6 hours ago 1
snowman's Avatar snowman

Welcome back! Looking for stuff the MO puts in our tea to stop the men from getting... uh... stop them from getting... uh... thingy.

12 hours ago
Damni's Avatar Damni

Still alive. Thanks for caring. :D
See you in the week :sas:

12 hours ago 1
snowman's Avatar snowman

Sorry, I was not able to join you last night :no: I had to take care of some things and it was too late again.

12 hours ago
Maquisard's Avatar Maquisard

Hello Snow :sun:

13 hours ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

Servers back online :snow:

14 hours ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

Hello :)

14 hours ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

=RpR= is planning to host our first anniversary event, celebrating 14 years of existence. We wouldn't have made it so far without our members and friends. We owe the existence of the H&D2 community to you and we dedicate our efforts for the well being of everyone. Please help us organize our anniversary event and create an unique experience. Read more here. Thank you :)

1 day ago 2
snowman's Avatar snowman

Hoping our Sergeant Major, our members and friends are doing okay, and would join us when we have more to offer ;)

1 day ago 1
Maquisard's Avatar Maquisard

Hi Snow , i can play tonight not tomorrow :yes:
Do you have news from Damni ?
It’s been a while since I saw him on the forums, nothing serious? :sarcy:

1 day ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

Thank you, Maki. You too.

1 day ago
Maquisard's Avatar Maquisard

Good Morning all :D
Have a nice week end

1 day ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

G'day :woody:

1 day ago
MR.47's Avatar MR.47

good eve

2 days ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

Gooood evening :mm5:

2 days ago
Maquisard's Avatar Maquisard

Morning :sun:

2 days ago
snowman's Avatar snowman

Good morning :gj:

2 days ago
p.jakub88's Avatar p.jakub88

Good morning everyone,

snowman check your PM please :readme:

2 days ago

Good morning

2 days ago
Rickystar25's Avatar Rickystar25

hey :smoke:

3 days ago 1

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