African Campaign 2020 - TLC Summer Event

8 months 2 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #1 by Shay
:smoke: THE DESERT CAMPAIGN :smoke:
Gathering location :arrow: Discord :arrow: Saturday, 13th of June at 8PM CEST

Drop your cocks and grab your socks! We're going to the desert to fight nazis and their allies! :rambo:

Our assignment

Africa 1
First, we need to get to an Italian occupied Airfield, Abn-Sin-Oan.
There, we will search for a German Officer by the name of Hans Schumann.
You better pray he's there, otherwise we will need to chase him across the desert!

Africa 1 Defence
After we capture the Airfield, we will need to hold our position and hold the fort from a possible counter attack.

Africa 2 Rommel's Road
In case we won't find Schumann in Abn-Sin-Oan, we will have to continue our search on another Airfield.
But before we do that, we will have to cross the desert.
Rommel is surely moving his tanks and troops through there, so we need to be prepared and aware.

Africa 3 Oasis
After crossing the desert, we will have to stop in a nearby Oasis after a long trip.
If it will be guarded by the enemies, we will have to get rid of every single one of them.

Africa 4
As usual, the krauts are probably going to issue a counter attack, perhaps while we are sleeping.
We should expect a counter attack probably at night.

Africa 5
After a long trip, we have finally arrived at the Airfield that Schumann could be located at.
We need to find him this time and capture him. We can sabotage everything they have in there.
Sabotage is optional

Libya 1
When we are done chasing after Schumann, we will travel with Long Range Desert Group to the city of Dherna.
There, we will have to free the pilots that were captured and imprisoned.

Libya 2 Tiger Tomb
The prisoners are freed, but the wreck of their plane is still in the hands of the enemy!
We need to find it and destroy it, but before that, we will have to make our way through a canyon.

Libya 3
After we cross the canyon, we will need to find the plane wreck and destroy it.
The Germans will probably start dismantling it by the time we get there.
If they have moved the parts somewhere, we will need to find them and destroy them as well.

Clean your guns, prepare your equipment and listen to your Teamleader so you can live to see another day! :beat:
Don't fail your squad! If you die, you might drag everybody else down with you! :whip:
Stay aware, have a sharp eye and don't be a hero! :sos:

I have prepared three textures that we will be using on this campaign, download them here :hunter:

We will be using these outfits

The following user(s) said Thank You: Maquisard, WANGER, Xiadz

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