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pblair wrote: This thing is flagged as a Trojan by Microsoft's AV.

I looked at it in a VM. The program drops HTA file in the appdata\temp directory and runs from there but I couldn't see it doing anything that looked shady.

Probably just a false positive.

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2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #14 by ProSabre
Hi everyone.

I have new file to share, any think to ask about Modbox v1.3 then please respond in this
forum Modbox v1.3 thanks..

NEW: MODBOX v 1.3. x32/x64

Is Virus free, made in Vbsedit.. before I did in exe script and that mess with executables..
The Modbox uses temp folder for extraction of some files, totally safe..

Fixed - splash screen image margins.
Fixed - spelling.
Fixed - unneeded css, & tidy up of the interface.
Improved - some msg boxes dialogs.
Improved - vbs code scripting, the application feels a little smoother.
Improved - event logger.
Added -
Added - power plan
Added - keyboard
Added - mouse
Added - sound
Added - volume
Added - directx
Added - dxwnd v2_04_98 build latest.
Hidden & Dangerous 2\SS x64/x32 - Choice Hd2SS patch x64/x32...

Full Hidden and dangerous/sabresquadron v 1.12 with latest's community maps/mods/textures/weapons/profiles/etc...
a smaller installer of about 2.38 GB (2,561,155,889 bytes) also contains the mod box v1.3.
see descriptions' below..
Howdy Hd2 Fans. Bringing a fine release from the Hill top side of Dangerous2Mod.
Installation: :::
Select either one of the game folders for installing Hidden & Dangerous 2\SS x64/x32.
[*] x64 C:\Program Files (x86)\Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2
[*] x32 C:\Program Files \Illusion Softworks\Hidden & Dangerous 2
[*] New modbox 1.3. Press setup button inside application to fire up
Installation of full game of Hidden and dangerous2/Sabresquardron V.1.12.
[*] Complete with 126 mod maps...
[*] uniform mods and texture skins...
[*] peakcap mod...
[*] ShanoX Weapon mods and skins...
[*] Campain SavedGames...
[*] Serverlist.bin...
[*] Coloured ingame textures and maps...
[*] Added - Widescreen patch...
[*] Added - Menu Coloring Project mod...
[*] Added - Map: Af1_Night...
[*] Added - Map: BES_NAGANA...
[*] Added - Map: BR44_Liberation (release) Test Version (current)
[*] Added - updated Mpmaplist...
[*] Added - Choice Hd2SS patch x64/x32, made by me Sabre...
[*] Russian and polish lanuagues etc - Use Modbox to change the lanuagues x32/64
after the installation of the setup, if as required.
The default game is in EnglishUS.
The installer will load the Choice hd2ss patch,
please select which version you want.
x32 bit press key [1] - x64 bit press key [2]
[*] Add x32/64 HD2-SS - key - Reg Details.
[*] Add BINARY for Screen 1920 x 1080.
[*] Elevate HD2-SS executables x32/64 - Registry Importing.
[*] Add x32/64 Direct play upnp fix - Registry Importing.
[*] Add HD2-SS - Hosts entries.
[*] Start Hidden & Dangerous 2/SabreSquadron.
Integrated Hd2/ss full game, with the CMP_v1.9 and added all over hd2 mods
into one whole setup.exe - pack.
Updated (TEXTY_DD) for all the game languages,
cze, eng, us, french, ger, ita, jap, pol, russian, spanish.
[*] Compress gamemovie bik to 40% to save disk space.
[*] Max bik was 832mb
[*] Reduced - 327mb
[*] Saved space - 505mb
[*] All games dll's upx compression...
[*] All games bpm&tga File compression...
[*] Hd2SS game size: 4.84 GB (5,207,931,044 bytes)
That's it for now :.)
Happy masturbating :.) Now go&play...

Download from OneDrive...!AqIrrBkk5d2FohpGpcAoV5nzyK79

Modbox v1.3

1./ Unzip Modbox v1.3 to the Desktop.
2./ Then tap either on Modbox x32 or x64 version in unzip folder...
3./ Then Tap on 32-64-Hd2SS-v1.12 (BUTTON)
4./ Automatic Installer start-up. Install Hd2/SS Mod to C: drive and add desktop shortcuts and then wait,
next - Choice loader will start, select either x32 or 64bit
with Keys [1] or [2]

Choice menu after installer has finished

The following user(s) said Thank You: snowman, Damni

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