Custom characters Possible for HD2 with coder/Maxscripter help.

2 years 4 months ago #1 by OriginalDan
Duelist over at mafiascene has successfully figured out modding in custom Mafia 1 character models myself and a couple others asked about HD2

Duelist wrote: I looked into HD2 skin data and it seems to be simpler than Mafia one. Files are also not a problem; I have already imported Mafia PS2, HD2 and Chameleon models/some stuff from scene/collisions files into Mafia -snip-
There's nothing really to crack or reverse engineer. It's just that Mafia import/export scripts would have to be adjusted to slighty different file format/set of data. So custom characters for HD2 would be just a matter of doing this. Adjusting 5DS import/export is just a matter of a "dozen" lines of code I guess.

In general it appears the tools avalible can't export the skin info yet but is very close if some awesome chap can put in the time to do.
Unfortunately I'm not a coder/scripter i know my way around creating/unwrapping 3d meshs/rigging/skinning etc not so much this area.

It does mean if someone has some max scripting experience (or knows a language that's close enough to it maybe lua/java might be enough?)
entirely custom characters with higher detailed/accurate uniform/equipment is nearly possible.
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2 years 4 months ago #2 by Polanski
Great news! :surprised:

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