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6 years 4 months ago #1 by jacobston
Excalibur Publishing was created by jacobston
Wow. :sarcy:

I just came across these great titles, which I cannot believe are not Games of the Year.

I mean, if you like flight simulators, than you are going to love Airport Ground Crew Simulation

Lets not forget Forklift Truck Simulator and Street Cleaning Simulator , two great titles hat will have you hooked for minutes
(Provided you have suffered a major blow to the head)

Best of all must be Garden Simulator - enough fun to amuse a brain-dead cabbage

I have had the personal pleasure of playing Police Force 2 and I can say, they must have spent absolute minutes making this game.

But never forget my personal favorite, Chemical Spillage Simulation

And there are many more. See for yourself: http://www.excalibur-publishing.com/games

One must applaud Goat Simulator - at least people know it's a joke. :lol:

On a serious note, who else feels it to be kind of odd that these games exist, but H&D3 is no more than a 10 year old idea tossed about on a few fansites?
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