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Good Morning :cool:

3 hours ago

I play bro

1 day ago

Servers back online!

1 day ago 1

:gj: :love:

1 day ago

I know :D Why do you think I hosted the event this weekend? :banana:

1 day ago

Good Morning All :cool:
Enjoy , in a week I will not be there for 3 months :banana:

1 day ago

Good morning! Have a happy new week! :love:

1 day ago

Thanks again :love:

1 day ago 2

Good game everyone, thanks to all for joining!
And Happy Birthday to RpR and HD2!! :champagne:

1 day ago 1

Event server started. Joining Teamspeak! Wish you all a fun game :smurfs:

1 day ago

Good evening, Maki :mm4:

1 day ago

Good Evening :banana:

1 day ago

Mission list for tonight's event. Please install our 3 latest missions Please install our 3 latest missions :here: -- Links in our event post. You just need the CMP and those 3 missions.

1 day ago

Happy Sunday everyone :woody: See you tonight for coop :cowboy:

2 days ago

Thank you for joining, lads. See you tomorrow for Coop :mm2:

2 days ago

thx all see tou tomorrow :yes:

2 days ago

Event server started! Have fun everyone :mm1:

2 days ago

We start in 1 hour :mm4:

2 days ago

Okay. I'll change the maplists tomorrow. 4 new lists :cool:

2 days ago
43's Avatar 43

hi , plis new mappack in RpR Justice

2 days ago

Good evening! We start in 4 hours :party:

2 days ago

Hey Maki! :)

2 days ago

Good Morning All :party:

2 days ago

Goood morning :sun:
Happy Annyversary to all the =RpR= members and all of our friends! Today we celebrate 17 years and we start with the Objectives/VTM Event :party:

3 days ago 1

Yes Sire :yes:

3 days ago

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