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Two very "smart" players

1 year 5 months ago #1 by Sasha
Two very "smart" players was created by Sasha
Now I will tell a little story about two individuals you can drink tea when you read this.

It all started very interesting, as I always changed my nickname and watched the players on the servers DanilaSar (I follow the order on the servers), I go to the server Rus Battlefront 41-45 and I see this situation:

Tim killed an ally, Mav is dead ... well, chance would have thought I had not .. auto kick for killing allies.


I ask the question: in the spirit is he a teamkiller
to which I get the answer first from Mav: Maybe he thought it was fun

And then the true essence of this Tim appears he writes me in Russian (gently mate):


He: Clever, fuck.
He: Do not pussy
Me: You to me?
He: no, your mother

Then I send it to the ban, as I then thought for a week

A few days after that, I'm already under my real nickname, I decide to play on realism (no, not because he's there). Exodus, I think everyone knows

And now I go to one of the servers danilasar and I see such a picture: voting for a kick player is really there is no surprise that number 2 was I ...)

After a small dialogue which I will translate verbatim below, I banned it on all servers danilasar


Me: Clever?
Me: Or revenge for a ban on PPR?
He: This is not your server girl
I: do you argue?
He: I fuck
I: hmm
He: You're a stoolie lowered
He: You just humiliated yourself

Then follows the ban) apparently he did not get sickly burnt

Well, what's with the two players whose players you mentioned? . you ask

I'll answer yesterday on the server MTB happened something incredible: I was 10 times in a row kicked: besides that on the server 3 players you yourself ponmaete that here involved not only Tim this, but also ????? he's SytH

On the remains I would like to ask how you evaluate this behavior of the players?

Thank you for attention

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