Urban Combat Training

9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #1 by snowman
Urban Combat Training was created by snowman
Hello guys and gals

I am here to announce you that =RpR= will be
hosting a Coop Urban Combat Training session
for people that want to play H&D2 more professional
or simply experience this game as they never did it

The purpose of this training is to implement
new tactics and obviously play more as a team
while still keeping it fun.

Basically we will learn how to complete the mission
objectives while keeping everyone alive!

Everyone will get the chance to change roles from
rifleman, support gunner, squad leader or even team

Rules will be no Ramboing and no Noobing. Follow
the schedule set for that evening and do your best
to becoming a team player.

How long will we play? I think 1 hour will be sufficient
to test, implement and learn new tactics and also play
a map while using what we learned.

We will learn the basics of:
- what to do to stay alive
- what weapons to choose when playing a certain map
- how to move about in urban terrain
- how to secure a position
- squad tactics(roles)
- firing positions/clearing corners
- squad formation(learning what is your role)
- clearing a building
- clearing a room

We will not do them all in one session. Each will
be broken down and explained so that we make sure
everyone learned something. Then we're going to
practice it on a certain mission.

It will be cool.

We will follow the rules and tactics shown and explained
in the Urban Combat guide. Therefore you MUST download
and READ the Urban Combat guide to be allowed to Join.

To join the Urban Combat Training session you need to:
- download and install TeamSpeak 3
- password will be handed to you when you join Teamspeak
> Click "[url=]=RpR= TeamSpeak[/url]" in the teamspeak box @ rprclan.com
- download and read the Urban Combat guide

If you do not follow the rules, you will be kicked
from the training session. So try to do your best
to listen to the orders given.

This first Training session will Start @ 6 PM GMT
on Saturday, before the RpR Coop Event. We will sort
it out if the date and time will remain the same.

Don't forget to download and read the Urban Combat

See you in the battlefield!

For more questions or if you experience problems,
my Skype id is snowmanflo.


"Walk through all fear no matter what."

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9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #2 by Nikita
Replied by Nikita on topic Re: Urban Combat Training
Really a good idea and a good job, Snowman. I agree with you, the best is the one who comes back with all his men alive, and not the one who comes back alone when everybody is dead… I remember a quote about that, extract from the picture Black Hawk Down, when the Delta Force soldier explain that to the young Rangers sergeant, before they go to try to capture Aidid's men…

I started to read your PDF urban guide. Nice work and great effort for sure. Did you write it ? No authors names and no page numbers ;( … Well, a good handbook and I'm sure that after some training sessions, it will be completed and fine tuned by adding some tips that we will learn in training :gj:

It's sad for me but for the moment I cannot join because my internet box is cut. I'm using a wifi key for the web but it's not possible to meet online games with such equipment. I'll do my best to meet asap.

Have good times all. Cya

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9 years 4 months ago #3 by Nikita
Replied by Nikita on topic Re: Urban Combat Training
Btw, speaking about your urban combat guide…

You choose a very fine picture for illustrating it, from Band of Brothers isnt't it ? Yes, it is. From the third chapter, the fight for Carentan…

A word about this propaganda picture that we can see on the wall, this blonde woman and those words "France, prends garde aux revenants".

That mean "France, watch out for ghosts".

It's clear that this is a collaboration propaganda picture. The "ghosts" are the Allies who are shown as invaders by the Vichy regime… But we can see it also in a different way by playing with French words…

In French, the first word for ghost is fantôme and this term of revenant is similar as fantôme in French and frequently used as it. I don't know if there is a similar English word for revenant, but it means literally "those who comes back"…

Do you see what i mean...? After the WW1 and the great English and American help to keep France free, another generation comes back for WW2…

It's Spielberg who did the job, so it's not a coincidence for sure...

A great picture and a great work by the Director of photography Joel J. Ransom

Cya 8)

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9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #4 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Re: Urban Combat Training
Hi Nikita

Thanks for the feedback. GS-shafling, RS-Funzo, Domi and Agu,
Bill, Steff and Rs_bugzy gave me congrats(cheers to them), but
nobody gave me any type of detailed feedback. :embarassed:

Anyway, if people join this idea can turn into something BIG.

I was hoping for someone to tell me what to add. It's still
no finished. that's why there are no page numbers. So until
someone actually tells me what is wrong and what I can add
more, it will stay like this.

Yes, I created the Urban Combat guide. It's a summary of
the Field Manual and Tactical advantage, books sent to me
by norbert79.

You are correct Nik, the picture is from BoB. I really love it
and it suits the guide. :gj:

Thanks again for the awesome translations and explaining. I
stopped to think about that poster when I added the picture.
I think "those who comes back" is the correct context for that
poster on the wall.

I hope you can join when you get a better connection. We need
players like you.

We'll try to learn new tactics every training session. Depending
on players wants, we can play a map or two. Players that learn
these tactics, can implement when they play on normal servers,
if they think they get better results. And they will!

Hope to see you soon Nikita. Take care.

Btw, after the training session, maybe we will have a karaoke
event, where everyone can play his/her song why others listen
and try to sing also. :whistle:

We will also play the songs you posted Nikita, soo coooool. 8)

"Walk through all fear no matter what."

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