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6 months 3 days ago #1525 by Nikita

Extract from Another Country, album by Cassandra Wilson released in 2012, this is Red Guitar.

And the special red led on my CD player starts blinking, meaning "Warning, critical risk of loop play detected"...

Wash my face with blue water
Lay my head on white linens
Morning comes, drink black coffee
Then i play my song on red guitar

Take my flight through blue heavens
Walk my path in green gardens
Drive my car on black highway
Then I play my song on red guitar

Everyday the colors come and dance for me
Every night they fade and disappear
We are merely shadows floating in this world
We got nothing to lose, we got nothing to fear

Drink my wine from pink glasses
Take the stage with purple princes
Love my man, yellow roses
Then i play my song on red guitar
I play my song on red guitar
Play my song on red guitar
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6 months 3 days ago #1526 by NL
Another Red Guitar ;)

Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose.
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6 months 1 day ago #1527 by Nikita


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5 months 4 weeks ago #1528 by Nikita

I played that an hour ago with a friend around a bier, and went back, well, a long time ago...

This is only talked, no music. But it's strong.

This is Utopia by Bernard Lavilliers, recorded live at the Olympia in Paris in 1978.

It's me or this is carried on...?

I will sing the new world
Born from the Zone 1 and junk
In those days your beautiful actions
Always went through writing
You were fatting up with projections
Serious projects, future
While order and repression
Was lining us against the walls

You purred for the old world
In objective opposition
Respecting the rule and the round
In your morbid headlines
It smelled like medicine
Frustration and the submissive
It already stank the electron
Passing time on credit

Skinny technocrats
Were predicting you better days
From the auroras 2 of expansion 3
To the sneaky night of the unemployed
You made lard on your belts
The placards waved by sluggish arms
Circled in the junk
Where you dragged on your knees

The barbarians, who showed their fangs
At the barriers of the peripherals
Were giggling, replacing your words
By Celtic warriors screams
It sent chills up your spine
Although explaining this phenomenon
You tried to go home early
Hating the urban militias

You were watching us in these times
Inventing another music
Made of violence and blood
Of ignorance and prophetic
Your reason weighed you heavily
In your masochists orgies
In your derisory loves
Your revolt and your suckers

The little left-wing eked out a living
Skittish as a lark
Your bars, your parties, your congresses
Your singers, your painters, your poets
Your reason, your righteousness
Your illusions, your habits
Your submissions, your culture
Your ambitions, your certainties

This phony lucidity
Which replaced guts so well
Was sinister and without passion
And militant and castrating
She was blocking your loins
Like a diabetic calculus
And left you hungry
Of well nourished and asthmatics

We dream about another planet
In this future, do you remember?
We make faceted plans
Towards extinct comets
We install our gold mines
On itinerant podiums
Where we play always very hard
Guitar and wind

We sense a fracture
A rift, clean and bloody
A scar in the azure
A switchblade in the silence
A crack in the certain
An embolism in finance
A detonator in the hand
An embarrassment in the nuance

We live, underneath the cobblestones
Having never known the beach 4
And never the king of summers
Has inscribed on the landscape
We have deep hatred
A hatred, fundamental
For the hierarchy and the schmuck
For the everyday and the fatal


1 - Historically, " La Zone " ("the zone" or "the area"), is the name of the land beside the former fortifications of Paris, named Enceintes de Thiers in French and Thiers wall in English.

At the begining of XXth century, after the fortifications, called "Les Fortifs" in French slang, became useless on military aspects and then neglected, that land, where nothing was allowed to build, became occupied by a very poor population nicknamed "Les Zonards", who started to build some shanty towns. After the French Wikipedia, "these newcomers came mainly from the small Parisian people driven by real estate speculation, the scale of the work and the influx of workers who accompanied the transformations of Paris during the Second Empire, as well as by the peasants driven by the rural exodus and transformed into an urban proletariat".

That term of "La Zone" then evolved in French slang to designate any suburb of rather medium-size towns, often semi-industrial oriented areas, populated by a massive average of worker-class people housed in nearby bedroom suburbs, caracterized by insuficence of public services, undersized educational and cultural structures and lattent/active criminality. "Les Zonards" designates the rather young/male population raised in these suburbs and often considered, right or wrong, as rogues and hooligans, perhaps offenders or criminals.

2 - See
3 - See
4 - Allusion to the famous motto during the students demonstrations in May 1968 in Paris : "Sous les pavés, la plage" (Under the cobblestones, the beach).
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5 months 2 weeks ago #1529 by jacobston
Something new, or perhaps some old-school blues in disguise? :^^:

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5 months 5 days ago - 5 months 5 days ago #1530 by Nikita

Take this pearl if you please, enjoy her if you like, don't tell about the shivers she gives you if you're shy...

Her name is Lindsey Stirling and this one comes from her first eponym album released in 2012.

If i'm allowed to, as we say in French : "La meuf, elle vend du rêve..."

EDIT : By listening to it in a loop, i think about and i dedicate it to missing Morty ...
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