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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #1 by snowman
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Hello everyone. I wanted to make this post long ago, but this is not a bad time seeing
what is going on around our family and how its spirit has changed a bit.

I want to thank Steff again for all the countless hours he spent for keeping
the servers and website running, paying for them, modding maps and much
more. If it wasn't for Steff and Bill, RpR wouldn't exist today. It's a bit sad to
see Bill is not active in the past years. He would've been of great help in
maintaining the spirit of our family here bright.

Also many thanks friends like Morty, Nikita, Damni or NL who have over the
years and some more recently kept this community alive. We owe much
respect and gratitude to them. Those who aren't mentioned here we owe
the same and I guess they know that.

RpR is not a gaming clan, even if that's what I noticed it tends to become lately.
I joined 2010 for my first time online playing H&D2. There were many clans
online at that time compared to 2014. Now it looks like a lot more activity going
on here because many of the other clans have been closed.

We are happy to see so much activity on our forum and chat, also on our
servers. 2013 and 2014 brought new members we are proud of. Remember
when you said this game is dead, Cat? :sarcy: :rofl:

Personally I enjoy the time I spend every weekend event with our members
and friends. Kind of sucks not all our members come back from time to time
to tell us how they are doing and play some maps, at least.

New members haven't played much with us to understand the RpR spirit. I
remember that when we first got TS in 2011-2012, we spent time mostly
talking on TS and sharing experiences than playing or trying to complete a

Everyone is different. Everyone has to come with something unique into
everyone's experience. I'm not saying that current members and players
don't have personality. They don't have the motivation and enthusiasm to
play the game, enjoy the time with others every time we play. Before it was
shocking to see it was 2 or 3 a.m. and I started playing at 8-9 p.m. Nowadays
we quit after two hours. Nobody wants to take an active part into our events
or evening play. I feel I am talking to an audience than talking to someone
who is his own actor in the scene.

So, as an RpR member, you don't have to have some kind of special behavior
about the game and the team. All you need is some enthusiasm and
bring yourself into the game. Not just waiting for someone to do something.
Everyone is valuable in his own way and he can bring more value into the
experience of the game if he/she wants to. No complaining, of any kind.


Now, regarding others who come to play with us

Everyone is welcome to play on our servers and share their experience, laughs,
helping others and getting helped on some different problems. Everyone is free
to contribute to our H&D2 community here at RpR the best way he/she can.

Everyone has freedom FOR speech, not freedom OF speech. You cannot come
here and start spamming and insulting. We are a peaceful community and do
not want to solve problems you create for yourself and then say it's our fault or
the others' fault.

Everyone can report someone else for bad behavior. Nobody likes to read these
reports over and over, specially the admins. We don't have enough time to be on
all servers all the time. This is the same story going on for many years ago. The
H&D2 community lost lots of good players and good people who were simply
tired of reading complaints after complaints, banning so many players because
these players simply didn't care about the team, only their "performance".

I don't like the idea of banning people for a living, like many other admins here, and would
prefer to be left alone and ban whenever possible, if the one who is cheating or
insulting doesn't want to give up his ways of playing. But this has been going on
for years and years. Some say they have been banning players since the game
started, and where are we now? It's still the same shit, with the same crappy
players showing off their "style" and "merit" to others or simply want to make
others feel uncomfortable.

I don't know for how long our game and family will last, but if it's still possible to
play this game 20 years from now, I will still play it. Even if I'm playing it alone.

We try to make a beautiful garden with flowers, vegetables and fruit. We invite
everyone to come and join us keep this beautiful garden alive. As soon as the
news gets around to everyone you turn around and see tomatoes flying everyone
and everyone complaining that "he started first". How boring can your life be to
not let others enjoy their game and you enjoy yours. And if it permits try to play together
and host events.

Some say this game is dead. I say their minds are getting old, slow and tired.
"Rest in peace" or "Welcome aboard" is what you choose.

It's been wonderful meeting you all. Thank you for the time we shared together.

"Walk through all fear no matter what."
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6 years 8 months ago #2 by NL
Replied by NL on topic RpR Policies
Very well said Flo, almost brings tears to my eyes :love:

Admins and forum moderators have a crappy job. I know. I was admin for ~WCK~ clan (long time ago), and was admin on Rs servers. I hated it. In the beginning it is very satisfying to have the "power" to do something about nasty players but even years ago there were so many cheaters, assholes and lone wolfs (not caring about a mission and screwing it up) that if you would play as an admin you could never play yourself and was only giving out warnings, kicking players or banning them and having to hear the complaints of others. I stopped playing as Rs_DFENZ and tried to ignore all the cheaters and only banned them when it became too much. In the end when passwords were changed I didn't ask what it was. It's the same reason I now play mostly "icognito" and sometimes as NL.
It is also the reason I probably will never be in a clan again because I always feel responsible to be an active member for the clan and that will get in the way of enjoying what it's all about: the game itself.

I expect RpR will be "the last clan standing" and I hope we can all play this game together for many years to come!

:gj: :love: :gj:

Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose.
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6 years 8 months ago - 6 years 8 months ago #3 by Nikita
Replied by Nikita on topic RpR Policies

Thanks to Snow for having expressed it so nicely. Thanks also to NL for having expressed his point of view and his own experience about the admin's task. I share a great part of his opinion. I too i'll never be anymore a member of a clan, i've already explained it, i know. I remember, one day i said this to Snow in private, using a metaphor for trying to express my position, i don't have any problems for saying it today in public : I consider myself as a free electron in this atomic team and i feel well this way. I guess also that =RpR= clan members feel it well too, at least i hope so. I just wanted to put my oar in : Maybe the admin's task can be seen a bit less ungrateful if we consider that admins don't act against some people but rather for a lot of other people...

And, in my opinion, it's probably this that matters, finally...

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6 years 8 months ago #4 by Damni
Replied by Damni on topic RpR Policies

Also many thanks friends like Morty, Nikita, Damni or NL who have over the years and some more recently kept this community alive. We owe much
respect and gratitude to them.

And thanks to the =RPR= old guys and girl.

As for the "new members" part I agree. Be more active guys! Bring in your ideas, make suggestions, ask and learn from the older members. Hey, maybe you already do, I'm just not that active myself.

Good luck !

香港人 加油
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