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A good read indeed was created by snowman
"A good read indeed" is a new thread, separate from the "War literature" created by Nik over 9 years ago. You can post what books you read or would like to read, not war related... maybe romance, history, or other fields of interest :)

Starting with a book, on a topic where I have much interest right now, that is quantum mechanics and the new paradigm it brings to the world, specially to the world of science. I've never heard or studied this in college, because, probably, the topic is too advanced even for the average teacher to really understand what potential it has. I remember Edward Teller saying that today's educated minds are not aware of the leading edge discoveries of science, as more and more people get an educated. In our conquest for knowledge, different ages(times) valued education differently, so the educated man was the leading edge and the hope for human struggle...

You don't have to understand mathematics or physics to get interested by logical thinking, which is in itself worth to study, as the saying goes "An unexamined life is not worth living". The advances in technology around the world have been made though the brilliant minds of scientists, truly devoted to their practice and somewhat dedicated to the truth of discovery. Everything around us is believed to be the result of some force or a counter force, as we are thought in school, thanks to Newton. This is what the world of science mainly revolves around.

Studies in the ~1930's in the field of sub microscopic/sub atomic physics revealed the limits of accuracy in measuring the position or momentum of electrons or photons. They are the smallest measurable "objects" and they can be either in wave or particle form. The more accurately you try to measure one, the less accurate it becomes to measure the other. This is the level where newtonian logic of cause and effect kind of breaks apart. You may have heard of Heisenberg, not the character from Breaking Bad, but the genius German scientist who worked for the Nazis to create the nuclear bomb. He has discovered that by the introduction of consciousness i.e. human observation, the behavior of the sub atomic particles changes. And it is not only the field of consciousness, but also its intention, that changes the outcome. Einstein didn't accept this discovery. What this means is up to you to find out. Maybe the fact that nothing can be accurately predicted?

It is already known that beyond the physical, measurable part of the world there is only energy. It is also scientifically known that the potential power in one cubic centimeter of empty space is greater than the mass of the whole universe, which is infinite, increases at an infinite rate. It may be that the entire universe is a continuous and perfect expression if it's essence, and of Consciousness itself that is formless, but within all form. I don't know, but this would at least explain the miracles to some extent, which cannot be explained... but they are often ignored because "it doesn't make sense"

Going tor read this book to find out more about this phenomena: Mindful Universe by H.P. Stapp
There is also Heisenberg's Physics and Philosophy available to read online and download. That's next on the list.

"Straight and narrow is the path."
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When you can't edit your post because the format gets, corrupted, you can at least reply

"Straight and narrow is the path."

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