A good read indeed

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I remember a strange story with those cards in my life. My aunt lived in Greece for over 20 years and she bought some kind of book with cards. It was something with numbers too, date of birth and I forget if there was something else. She used to play this "game" with family and friends. When she visited us maybe about 16 years ago she invited us to play this game. We were all at the table. The long story short is that you had to interact with the cards that you shuffled and picked up, chose a card, and if I remember even just my aunt seeing the cards and I had to pick one. This strange game told the one who played it a story about himself/ herself and life. It was also something related with past lives and what you are in the world. This was based on two numbers you had at the end of the "game", as a result. I remember the numbers were between 1 and 9. My aunt said everyone usually had 2 and 7 or 2 and 8. I had 1 and 1. She said that only very few people in the life of this planet get that number. It has something to do with some kind of higher purpose or something like that. From my part, I'm just learning like everyone else, from my failures, from others' failures.

For example, my grandmother's story is that she was some kind of outlaw in her previous life. For some reason this kind of explains why she was always in hospital with heart problems and the doctors said that if she had a second child she would die. Anyway, my dad did get born and my grandmother got better after starting to pray and visit some monasteries. The same story was with my mother getting born, the doctors telling my other grandmother that she would die. Actually my mother almost died due to the Hong Kong flu.

"Straight and narrow is the path."
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Finished this book yesterday.
It doesn't really tell you everything (of course), but there's some interesting stuff in it.

Let me reveal something hugely important to all of you, which, sooner or later, we all need in our lives:
If you find yourself in a situation where you have to set a booby trap and you're worried wild animals might set it off,
just urinate around the trap and the mechanism.


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