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It seems you are missing the point somewhere. We aren't forcing anyone to do anything.
When the decision is to play British, we all play with British uniforms and British Weapons.
Same goes for US or Russian or just Allied.

We keep our weapons as long as we still have ammo. If there's not enough soldiers left
and someone with a long range weapon has to go inside rooms or fight between buildings,
then he may be granted permission to take an enemy sub-machine gun. No bazookas,
unless it's just him and the medic left to finish the mission. It looks like you are assigning
all classes to each player. If medic dies, you can't heal yourself. If the engineer dies, you
can't diffuse or plant explosives. Stickies and bazookas are given exclusively to the engineer
because it's a role he can do while a regular soldier can protect the engineer from enemy

Time doesn't matter in TLC. If you don't have patience and discipline, don't join.

That's why I suggested maybe 1-2 TLC mission and the rest for fun, with or without classes,
meaning we can still plan a mission.

It's like chess. Pawns are soldiers. The Engineer can be the Knight and the Medic can
be the Bishop, while the Heavy gunner can be the Rook. If you start without Pawns, then
you won't have any unimportant pieces to sacrifice. You can't move all pieces on the
chess board as you want. Each one has it's own importance.

"Walk through all fear no matter what."
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4 years 4 months ago #14 by snakeplissken
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I haven't been good at Chess. Tried playing and learning several times but felt like not my thing, i guess.

I don't mind couple of TLC maps in true spirit. It can be fun (if Medic or Engineer is not blown up by enemy tanks during a mission :lol: ).

I think i am more of a private team based coop fan. I am happy to oblige with orders to accomplish tasks rather than assume a rigid inflexible role which i am not good at. I can see why TLC requires a lot of time to complete a map. Because squad is constrained by limited firepower and maneuverability. Sniper escorts the squad, Engineer takes care of Tanks and Ammo, Medic is the only one who can heal. All this means mission goes at slow pace. And if key members of squad is dead, mission progress is even slower. By the way, if Sniper or Medic dies, does another team member takes his responsibility?

TLC requires a lot of patience but i can do it for couple of maps.

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4 years 4 months ago #15 by snowman
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No, classes are not replaceable. In some situations it's possible to have
someone who joined later and asked to join as medic or engineer.

We always ask for volunteers so you can pick what you enjoy best. You're
the only one that complains about how we structured the TLC. It's not rigid
and not inflexible. If you are a lone wolf who wants to be able to do anything
except focus on a certain role then it seems rigid and inflexible.

Sniper doesn't escort the squad. We don't start with snipers. We have soldiers.
One or two are assigned as pointman and then there can be a heavy gunner
as backup. We've even played maps with 3 squads of 4-5 players. As a TL I didn't
have to have a weapon. The TL is not supposed to do a lot of shooting or have
an active role, except when the team is made from 3-4 players.

When we started to play TLC style we thought we would save some time if
everyone keeps their class on each map we played. This includes keeping the
same weapon one has chosen in the 1st mission.

It's also possible to create fake objectives or not necessary to complete all of
the objectives set on the map. For example, we could try to complete a certain
objective/ or reach a certain point on the map without alerting the enemy.

"Walk through all fear no matter what."

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