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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #1 by Morty
Teamleaded Coop was created by Morty
Just in case IF this should happen on sundays at =RpR=, I just would like to make a suggestion.

The rules that were used at GS are in my opinion pretty unbalanced.
Especially reagrding the use of medipacks (no one except the medic is allowed to have one) and the use of stickys (everybody can have one).

My suggestion is, to use these rules instead, they are the result of several years of intense teamplay:

Another difference is the missing sniper class.
It generally does not exist, because sniping is too easy for real teamplay.
Only in special situations and only when the TL is willing to allow one soldier with scoped rifles, but this should be an excerpt.
When we played it, even enemy weapons were not allowed, because the british soldiers are not trained to use them.
Only when the ammo is empty, you can ask your TL, if he allows to pick up an enemy weapon.

This is just an advice, motivated by the experience of 5 years intense teamplay style.
Don't consider my words to be the redemption for HD2, it is just a suggestion.

Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.

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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #2 by Hellcat
Replied by Hellcat on topic Re: Teamleaded coop marathon
I was dreaming so so so so much to this....
And, Morty, i think you forgot one of the most important rule.. that YOU MUST BE ON TEAMSPEAK WITH ALL COSTS!!! :D

I also have some suggestions, about uniforms and weapons.
Now if we're talking about US weapons and uniforms, check this out:

-TL - M1 Thompson - 1-2-3 grenades, camera, no backpack
-Rifleman - M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, 1-2-3 grenades, no backpack
-Sniper - Springfield (o),pistol, 0 grenades, no backpack
-SMG - M1 Thompson, 1-2-3 grenades, no backpack
-Assault gunner(or heavy gunner) - BAR, 1-2-3 grenades, no backpack
-Medic - I suggest that medics should not take a weapon, just in case a pistol and a knife, because, I have never seen an US medic on the battlefield with a rifle, maybe just a pistol, so if we're not talking about a combat medic, we should not take weapon, just a pistol and a knife, and of course BIG MEDIC PACKS, backpack
Engineer - M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M1 Thompson - max 10 grenades (depends on the map's mpmaplist), dynamite, stickies, wirecutter, camera, beacon, ammo, backpack etc...

Now the uniforms:
-Arctic, Ardennes - the american white uniform + helmet
-Africa, Libya - the american desert paratrooper uniform + helmet
-Normandy, Burgundy, Alps, Brest, Czech - the american PARATROOPER green uniform + helmet (like they are dropped behind enemy lines)
-Sicily, Poland, Burma - the american RANGER green uniform + helmet (like they are landing on the beaches... you know)
- Now each class can take the same uniform
... and remember, this is just my idea, i hope it will remain this, but you're not supposed to apply this if you don't like it,,, this is inspired from movies like BoB, Pacific, SpR etc...

Regards, Cat

Pauzele lungi si dese,
Cheia marilor succese

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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #3 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Re: Teamleaded coop marathon
Well, after slacking Tuesday and yesterday about creating this GS kind-of-similar I was about
to start a thread this morning, but I found a very exciting surprise.

I'm really happy Morty posted the rules which he played by in the Teamplay Community years back,
rules from which the GS CM is derived. What rules I was going to post were also meant taking a
few steps back from the GS CM, but this Teamleaded CM is the very refined version of what I had in
mind. So I can't thank you enough for this Morty.

I have moved this to News/Announcements section because this is something we will try this Sunday
and yes, it is a BIG news.

I still have to make a Teamplay Coop Marathon page following this example. If you guys want to, specially
Morty, it would be better if we do this together on TS tonight @ 7pm - that is writing the Teamplay Coop Marathon page.

Yes, TS is a must. We will change the password every week so that we don't have to kick the ones who
do not have at least TS and at least a headset. Try and get a microphone guys.

"Walk through all fear no matter what."

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8 years 10 months ago #4 by Nikita
Replied by Nikita on topic Re: Teamleaded Coop Marathon
I think we have to talk about it and to make some attempts in order to find the well balanced way for this new rules in Teamleaded Coop Marathon. Just my opinion about some points :

- Enemy weapons : I don't agree with the suggestion to not use enemy weapons. Historically, the SAS were well trained to use them, and also it was an important characteristic of their tactics, that cannot be forgotten. But, this was used generally at the end of their missions, when they turned less of ammo, so I think that this point about using enemy weapons must be allowed on TL order and also the player who will use them must inform the others players immediately, in order to avoid crappy situations as :"I hear an MP44, don't see the enemy !! Don't worry, it's only me…". Here again we see that speaking and hearing on TS is absolutely indispensable. Communication in the team can be very profitable and costs nothing (well, nothing, it's a way of speaking, but some euros for a second hand headset could be something possible…)

- Sniper : Ok, killing an enemy is often very easy by using a scoped rifle, but it's not a general rule. In other hand, there are also numerous situations where using such a rifle is much a disadvantage and also a danger, and also there are maps where it's absolutely useless and others where it's absolutely indispensable. So, depending of the map we play, I'm OK for the suggestion to use a sniper on TL decision.

I really hope that we will able to manage this new way of coop playing and, why not, having a special category of ranking there, based on the ability of commanding and bringing back all men alive.

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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #5 by Domi
Replied by Domi on topic Re: Teamleaded Coop Marathon
I fully agree with Nik. Even more... I never noticed that we aren't able to use enemy weapons, so I was breaking the rules without knowing it. I'll do my best to take a lot more of ammo nexttime ;-)

EDIT: oops... I also didn't notice that Nik didn't started this topic... I have a huge lack of knowladge of that what is happening in RpR. Gimmie some time to read :P

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8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #6 by Hellcat
Replied by Hellcat on topic Re: Teamleaded Coop Marathon
Now, introducing again my opinion, if we use an british weapon like lee enfield, sten, bren, we also should wear british uniforms and helmets, or if we use US weapon like bar, thompson, garand, carbine, we also use an US uniform, same story with the russians - i say this because it gives a nice view of the team, somehow, it's nasty when people use an american weapon, russian helmet, british uniform, russian pistol, german knife etc, i'dd just like to be like in reality, if we want to wear an british weapon, lets choose british equipment, same case with US and russians

Now, what Nik said, if we're gonna play like SAS troops, using british equipment, we can take enemy weapon, as they have been trained to handle enemy weapon, or if we're playing the US troops, we should not take enemy weapon, cause they haven't been trained to handle enemy weapon

One week we play with SAS style and choosing maps like we have to photograph, sabotage, destroy, being undercover, you know, what the SAS troops done in WW2, and one week playing the US game style and choosing maps like we have to kill enemies, secure etc - maybe this is a lot of work for admins choosing the right maps for a gamestyle,, but AS U WISH! this is one of my ideas, if anybody agrees we use it :P

what do you think?

Pauzele lungi si dese,
Cheia marilor succese

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