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Unban Request - Gaza

1 year 1 month ago #13 by Maquisard
Replied by Maquisard on topic Unban Request - Gaza

I don't have this problem :D
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1 year 1 month ago #14 by Gaza
Replied by Gaza on topic Unban Request - Gaza
First of all nice speech.
Why does this Clan allow Trolls to be admins?
Sorry I am not much of a gamer so although I know the internet if overflowing with all nature of freaks and weirdo's, I do not really deal with many trolls because I am not in that 'World' which you seem to live.
Now that you have come down from your soap box, I am not at all surprised at your arrogance, it is very common for people to act online the way they only wish they can in life.

I know I am going "overboard" but I am just trying to make you and the other 5 people who visit this page see how pathetic you are kick someone from a 14 year old game which only has a handful of players because you want to play in 16:9, like a child who wants to play with his favorite toy.

Your words..
"Also it is a bit a pity that you take such a tone of voice when you could also first have asked questions, and maybe show some appreciation for the fact you can play on our servers, free of charge."

Free of charge? What an honor it is to play on "Your" servers with the rest of the community of 5 people.
I would love to see you try to charge money so that people can play a game which was on sale on GOG for $5USD,
And what "tone in my voice"? I am typing, I am not even using caps lol.
The real pity is that trolls like you actually get a chance to annoy anyone at all, even if the only place you can have any authority is online in a 14 year old game.
You are the only one going overboard by kicking people in the first place.
Nobody gives a damn if you are an active member of this clan or any other group so get over yourself.
You are not keeping the game alive by kicking people an acting like something you wish you could be in the real world.
Man I could go on for days but, I know 100% you will have some arrogant smug reply to anything anyone ever says to you again like a child.
If you are a teenager I understand, if you are an adult, that is the real pity.

Anyhow, keep up the good work.
You have my email if you wish to take this personal and speak to me further in private.

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1 year 1 month ago #15 by Gaza
Replied by Gaza on topic Unban Request - Gaza
Yeah there is no real fix for it.
Is it Direct X 8?
I purchased the game from GOG because all I could find was copies on ebay for like $20 USD and it was around $5 USD on GOG, my discs did not survive the test of time, 3 of them did, one did not, but don't tell NL that because according to him/her if you do not have the dics you are some sort of 2nd rate peasant lol.
I really wish the younger guys knew how awesome this game is when all they know is COD and Battlefield even if I am prestige master at COD Zombies lol.
Take Care.
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1 year 1 month ago #16 by snowman
Replied by snowman on topic Unban Request - Gaza
No, it's the widescreen fix. It doesn't even matter where you got the
game from. I have it cracked because I stopped playing any games
except H&D around mid 2006. I had a H&D2 copy from a friend, which
was just a copy paste form. When I first joined online in late 2010,
I downloaded a cracked copy to see if it's possible to play and I'm stuck
with that since then :) I still have the same 4:3 Samsung monitor I
got in 2007 so no worries with H&D2 for me :D

Gog and Steam players will always have the cd-key problem if they
don't use their own original key or replace it with a cracked one.

If you want, you can join our private server when we play on Sundays
and Mondays. We don't use widescreen there, because we care more
about playing together than how the game looks on our screens. NL
doesn't join there lately so you're welcome to give it a try.

If you're worried about the players, it's not always 5, sometimes there
are 8-12 players joining just the private server. This year the numbers
have gotten a bit low after last years' frenzy :D It happened in 2013 too.
Public servers also have 10-12 players. Some have more time to play
than others. Some come back after 4-6 years, some play just a few
weekends and we don't see them for months.

If you want specific maps/mission on a certain server, you can make
a request in the chat box.

"Walk through all fear no matter what."
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1 year 1 month ago #17 by Gaza
Replied by Gaza on topic Unban Request - Gaza
Thanks, That sounds great.
The only problem may be the time difference as I am in Sydney Australia.
But yea send me the details and I will join.
Its now Monday night here 7:40pm
Thanks again.
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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #18 by NL
Replied by NL on topic Unban Request - Gaza
Banned Gaza from forum.
I won't let myself or =RpR= get insulted this way.

Also banned his IP on the servers.

Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Maquisard
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