In-game camera position display.

10 months 1 week ago - 7 months 1 week ago #1 by Stern
In-game camera position display. was created by Stern
Here is one small program that displays the in-game (view)camera position coordinates.
It can be used in modding, to find out position for non-critical positions, like vehicle or enemy positions.

Positions are displayed in same order as in DCED.

Its usable with "windowed" mode, it does'nt want to stay as a top window if the game is in full-screen mode.

It has Height correction, to compensate the camera height from the ground (if the height is needed).
(I was not able to find the true position of the player(used Cheat Engine), this is why it uses camera position...)
With my version of game files, the memory addresses are always the same.
($0089AFE0 ,$0089AFE8 ,$0089AFE4).
Example: In Libya1 under the wall (middle entrance) is the 0,0 position.
NB! The person view should be used,because in 3rd person view, the camera is far away back.

Also it can save positions to text file, Hotkey is Control+A.
It detects if H&D2 is running, so it can be launched before game and can run if game is closed (hotkey is released while game is not active) and Control+A can be used in any other program.

New version with true coordinates.
No Height correction and 3rd person view can be used.
It has 2 different sets of memory address and offsets (one might work for one user and not for other, pointers and offsets are tricky...)

The one who hesitates is lost !
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